Poorthuis Industrial Services focuses on customers in the industry. Downtime of production takes time and therefore money. It is therefore important that the time to repair is kept to a minimum. Poorthuis has a modern workshop in which a specialized and flexible team of engineers ensures that your production lines become operational again in the most cost efficient way.

Poorthuis overhauls, inspects and tests all conceivable valves, fittings and actuators that are used in the industry.

Refurbish or replace?

Overhauling or replacing material, that’s the question. We help you to find the balance between the costs of repair time and production loss. Overhauling existing material has some important advantages:

  • Overhauling can provide a considerable cost reduction.
  • Overhauling is faster and more efficiently.
  • Future problems can be solved early by performing periodic inspections.
  • Overhaul provides insight into your system, which means that a deviating expected lifespan is detected prematurely.

Clients can expect objective advice from our specialists on the best solution in all situations.