About Poorthuis

Poorthuis Industrial Services

Poorthuis Industrial Services specializes in overhaul and maintenance of steam and other pressurized equipment. In addition to maintenance of installations, Poorthuis overhauls parts in its own machine shop. This saves both time and money. Professional modification of existing parts into "specials" that fit the existing lay-out is also possible.

Sustainability is of paramount importance at Poorthuis. That is why the customer can count on advice on energy saving and efficiency within the installations.

Also in the case of a malfunction, defect or emergency situation you are at the right place at Poorthuis. The Poorthuis specialists are available 24/7 to deal with disruptions and calamities, anywhere in the world. On site, these resourceful technicians ensure that your installation is up and running again quickly. And because Poorthuis is entitled to perform certification themselves, downtime is limited to a minimum.

Our professionals

Poorthuis is known for its specialist team of craftsmen who are closely involved with the customer and who are fully committed for them. Proper mutual cooperation and clear communication with the client is the basis of the services they provide. Because the business activities of Poorthuis do not qualify for a standard training process, employees are trained internally to become specialists in their own area of expertise.


Offering quality in a safe way has our highest priority. Poorthuis Industrial Services has all the required certificates to perform every assignment in accordance with the regulations of the law

We acknowledge that environmental, health and safety legislation sets important and strict requirements. In addition to the required certificates, all Poorthuis professionals naturally have the proper training and certificates in their own field.

Working at Poorthuis

Do you also believe that everything can be solved if you don’t run away from anything? Are you the person that takes responsibility in your work and do as you say?
And are you also:
   • Technically skilled
   • Eager to learn
   • Accurate and precise
   • Customer oriented
   • Full with initiative
   • Flexible and stress resistant

Then we already see many similarities with the Poorthuis mentality. We cordially invite you for an exploratory meeting if you have the ambition to become part of our company.