Industrial Services

Poorthuis Industrial Services specializes in overhaul and maintenance of steam and other pressurized equipment. In addition to maintenance of installations, Poorthuis overhauls parts in its own machine shop.

Poorthuis… “Solutions by Specialists”

Sustainability is of paramount importance at Poorthuis. That is why the customer can count on advice on energy saving and efficiency within the installations.

Also in the case of a malfunction, defect or emergency situation you are at the right place at Poorthuis. The Poorthuis specialists are available 24/7 to deal with disruptions and calamities, anywhere in the world. On site, these resourceful technicians ensure that your installation is up and running again quickly. And because Poorthuis is entitled to perform certification themselves, downtime is limited to a minimum.

Poorthuis Industrial Services has been setting the tone nationwide and globally for seventy years in the areas of:


Downtime of production takes time and therefore money. It is therefore important that the time to repair is kept to a minimum.


To reduce lead times and costs, the manufacturing industry is increasingly focusing on standardization and standard solutions.

Specialized welding

Poorthuis supplies products and services to industries that requires specialized welding that meets international standards.

On-site service

Poorthuis has an excellent mobile on-site service, which makes it possible to carry out maintenance and repairs on location.


The extensively equipped workshop of Poorthuis includes a complete machine park all machinery for turning, milling, drilling, boring, thread cutting and more.